Henry Rime

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rime

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rimes came to North Dakota from Rochester, Minnesota, where they had broth grown up and were married. In 1906, Mr. Rimes purchased a relinquishment from an earlier homesteader in Romsaas Township, McLean County, North Dakota.

Besides farming, beginning in the late 1930s, and for many years, Henry worked as operator of a motor grader for the state highway department, maintaining the highway both west and south of the Flynn corner.

Mrs. Rime passed away in 1949, and Henry left his farm the following year, moving to Minot, where he worked as a maintenance man in several business establishments. In 1967, he was a resident of the Sunnyside Rest Home in Minot, and the former Rime farmland was being operated by Vern Bloom.

Mr. and Mrs. Rime had four children: Curtis, Marvin, Hazel, and Earl.