John Grimes

Mr. and Mrs. John Grimes

Born in Neenah, Wisconsin in 1865, John Grimes was the son of Irish immigrants. As a young man, he spent several winters in Wisconsin logging camps, and later came to Fargo, North Dakota to help a brother who was a contractor there.

In 1902, he filed for a homestead in the Roseglen area of McLean County, in Romsaas Township, and farmed there alone for eight years. In 1905, he went back to Fargo for his brothers wedding, where he met Emma Beske, who had come to Fargo from Wisconsin also, having been born there in 1875.

John and Emma were married in January of 1910, and he brought her out to the farm that spring. Mrs. Grimes had been a seamstress in Fargo, so she did sewing for several of her Roseglen neighbors.

In 1917, the Grimes moved from the homestead shack into a new home, very modern for those days. Mr. Grimes was a hard worker, and very frugal, so he had acquired considerable property before his death in 1936.

Mr. and Mrs. Grimes had two children: Patrick and Catherine (Mrs. Weldon Haugen). Mrs. Grimes passed away in February of 1960, and Catherine’s son, Michael, was operating the Grimes farm in 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published.