Ole Daleness

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Daleness

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Daleness were both born in Norway, Ole in Tongpon in 1882, and Sina in Gulbrandsdaln in 1891. Coming to America, Ole worked in Owatonna, Minnesota, then in Devils Lake, North Dakota for three years, before filing on a homestead in Romsaas Township, in McLean County, in 1905. Sina came to the United States in 1907, and worked for John Snippens until she and Ole were married in 1909.

A hard worker, Ole was always looking for income outside of  his farm operations, especially during the winter months, when farming was at a standstill. For a few winters, he went to Rice Lake to trap. Later, he would butcher and deliver fresh meat to neighboring farms, and to cook cars at threshing time. First, he made his deliveries by horse, and then by Model T truck.

Mr. and Mrs. Daleness lived on their farm until Ole’s health failed, and he entered Trinity Hospital in Minot. Sina then went to Minot to stay with a daughter, Stella. Ole passed away in March of 1965, and Sina continued to live with her daughter in Minot.

Mr. and Mrs. Daleness were the parents of eight children: Olga (Mrs. John Paul), Palmer, Clifford, Elmer, Myra (Mrs. Roy Yonker), Leona (Mrs. Arthur Torkelson), Arthur, Stella (Mrs. Harry Harper).

Their son, Palmer, married Lydia Peterson, and farmed in the Romsas area, and near Douglas, North Dakota.

Clifford married Olive Lovaas, and had two children: LeAnn, whose husband taught at White Shield, and Jimmy, who married Bonita Price. Clifford farmed in Blue Hill Township, and was chairman of the state association of ASCS committeemen.