Peter Erb

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Erb

Peter Erb was born in Minnesota in 1867, and moved to Cass County, North Dakota with his parents in the 1880s. Ann Robertson was also born in Minnesota, in 1872. Her parents moved to Fargo, North Dakota when it was just a village.

Peter and Ann were married in Fargo in 1898. Before moving to Ryder in 1905, the Erbs had lived in the Wenatchee Valley, in Washington state, for a time before returning to Hunter, North Dakota in 1903, where Peter worked with his brother in an implement business. In Ryder, Peter and his brother again operated a farm implement business for several years. While there, Peter built the house that they would later have moved to his homestead thirteen miles south of Ryder, in Romsaas Township, McLean County.

While in Romsaas Township, the Erbs planted one of the first farm windbreaks and orchards in the area, some of which were still bearing fruit in 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published.

In 1924, the Erb family moved to Bonner, Montana, where he worked in a sawmill. Later, they moved to a farm south of Missoula, where Peter and Annie spent their last years, living with a daughter, Elsie. Mrs. Erb passed away in 1942, and Peter a year later.

The Erbs had seven children: Hallie Rose (Mrs. Jesse Shafer), Donald, Grace (Mrs. John Franzeen), Robert, Phillip, Elsie, and Fanny (Mrs. Harvey Clyde).