Selmer Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Selmer Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Selmer Johnson were longtime residents of the Roseglen area of McLean County, North Dakota. Selmer came in 1916, and bought land in Romsaas Township, five miles east of Roseglen, where he lived until his death in 1960.

He was born in St. Peter, Minnesota, in 1880. After moving to Romsas Township, his first home was a 10x18-foot chicken coop that had one door and two windows. He improved on that, then, a few years later, he moved into a granary on the place, where he continued to live until he was married to Hilma L. Henricks, of Fertile, Minnesota, on March 5, 1927. Hilma was born on November 1, 1891.

The same year they were married, they planned and built a new  home on the homestead. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson owned and operated a grain and livestock farm from 1916 to the early 1950s, when they semi-retired from farming, but continued to live on the homestead. Mr. Johnson also had an insurance agency with the State and National Farmers Union Service Associations, a business he got into in 1938, writing mostly automobile and building insurance, later adding hospitalization, life, and farm liability lines.

The Johnsons were members of the Roseglen Immanuel Lutheran Church, and Mrs. Johnson was a member of the Ladies Aid Society.

In 1936, John Kyseth, a neighbor, quit farming and move in with the Johnsons, making his home there until his health failed in 1948. He died at the home of his brother in Kadiychi, Minnesota, in 1949.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had four children: Henry, Lila, Dale, and Darlene. Dale and his wife, Meredith, took over the home farm.

Mrs. Johnson passed away in 1957.