Romsaas Schools

The first school in Romsaas Township, McLean County, North Dakota, was held in the Ellen Romsaas homestead claim shack. There was a three-month term in the fall, and another three-month term in the spring. Ellen and Hannah Romsaas both taught in that first school.

Later, school was held in the Tom Laudenschlager claim shack. Miss Ora Pittman taught one term there. She was living on a homestead a few miles south of there.

School was held at that location until the school house was built just west of there in 1908. Then the school term became eight months, and Anna Graham was the first teacher in the new school. The school district was known as the Romsaas School District, and the area around it became known as Romsaas Township, although it was not an organized township.