Ryder Coop Credit Union


Ryder Cooperative Credit Union

The Ryder Cooperative Credit Union was organized at Roseglen on April 11, 1942. Elected to serve on its first board of directors were: Donnell Haugen, Chairman, Henry Albert, Vice-Chairman, Wendell Haugen, Secretary, Clifford Hill, Treasurer, and Fred Hacanson. The first credit committee consisted of O.K. Hopkins, Arnold Hill, and Olof Boe. Serving on the first supervisory committee were Weldon Haugen, Charles Weldon, and Gordon Hacanson.

At that first meeting in Roseglen, $155.50 was placed on deposit. As of January 1, 1967, shortly before the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published, 348 members had on deposit the sum of $69,361.20, and the total assets of the credit union came to $76,810.00.

Since the Ryder Co-op Credit Union was organized, until 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published, its members had made 732 loans, amounting to a total of $544,023.65.

Serving on the Credit Union board in 1967 were: Julius Lunden, Chairman, Glenn Warner, Vice-Chairman, Mrs. Melvin Nelson, Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Landon, and Lloyd Peterson. Credit committee members, in 1967, were Wayne Jones, Lawrence Petz, and Frank Bradley. Supervisory committee members, in 1967, were Gordon Hacanson, Robert Albert, and Wayne Hanson.

The Ryder Co-op Credit Union's silver anniversary and 25th annual meeting was on April 5, 1967.