Roseglen Baptist

Roseglen Baptist Church
by Alfred E. Cole (1967)

A group of Baptist families, who came to North Dakota in May of 1912, organized a Sunday School in July of the same year. On July 10, 1915, they organized the First Baptist Church of Amundsville.

The following people are listed as Charter Members: Mrs. Hattie Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Smiley, Miss Alice C. Hodges, Mr. Ralph Smiley, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mueller, Mrs. Dave Maxwell, Miss Bernice Smiley, Miss Roselle Frances Pates, and Mr. John Smiley.

The first pastor called to the church was the Reverend C.C. Heidenberg of Kenmare, who later made his home in Old Van Hook.

In 1921, the name of the church was changed to the Roseglen Baptist Church. The congregation met in the homes of members until 1922, when the new church was completed.

In 1951, the remaining members, being few in number, voted to disband the organized congregation.

The church building was then moved to Drake, to serve as the Drake Baptist Church.