Roseglen Church of God


Roseglen Church of God

The Church of God started its life in the Roseglen community when, in the spring of 1936, Emma Noel and Hilda Thorp of Denseith, North Dakota held evangelistic services, first in the Hall of Roseglen, and later in various schools about Roseglen. Church services followed, for some months conducted mostly by Max Brandt of Ryder.

In 1940, the church group bought, and moved onto lots in Roseglen, a church building previously owned by the Presbyterian Church of Hiddenwood. Samuel Sellick, pastor of the Church of God in Ryder, worked with the  movers, and  he conducted the first service in the church at Easter time, when the building was also dedicated.

Different pastors came at times, with the attendance reaching into the forties. In 1941, Hermon Blom came to pastor the congregation. The Bloms, along with various folks within the church, worked at painting and varnishing the interior of the church. That summer, the Rev. D.C. Boatwright, Overseer of the Church of God in North Dakota at the time, held special services in the church and took in members, enrolling about fifteen then.

After a year or so, the Bloms left, and John Daffe and his wife came to pastor the church at Ryder and Roseglen. They were with the church for at least ten years before moving to a church in South Dakota, and later to Mercer, North Dakota.

The Rev. Meeks and his family came to pastor the church about 1952, and was the last pastor at the church in Roseglen. In the years that followed, church attendance dwindled due to several members moving, and others being lost in death, until only about five remained. This handful of members moved their church attendance to the Ryder Church of God, some becoming members there and the Roseglen Church of God was closed.