Adolph Sorenson

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Sorenson

Born in New Ulm, Minnesota, in 1882, Adolph Sorenson came to Roseglen, North Dakota early in 1916. His mother joined him that fall, but she passed away a year later, and was taken back to Minnesota for burial. Adolph lived on the Oscar Oien place for a couple of years, then he lived on the Pearl Shea quarter for a time.

Esther L. Norsen was born in Wheaton, Minnesota, in 1888. She took a homestead west of Roseglen, on a quarter just north of the Frank Young place, and taught school at Roseglen for a while.

Adolph and Esther were married in 1920, and made their home on land that Adolph had purchased from Frank Friese, living there until 1955, when they retired and moved to Garrison.

Adolph Sorenson passed away in January of 1961, and Esther followed in May of 1964. They had five children: Lowell, Delmar, Joyce, Jean, and Dorothy.