A.G. Aaby


Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Aaby

Stella Forde was born in 1895 at Bryant, South Dakota. She later moved to Iowa, and then to North Dakota, where she homesteaded at the western edge of Deepwater Township.

Mr. A.G. Aaby was inducted into the U.S. Army during World War I. He and Stella were married in February of 1918 at Mabel, Minnesota, and proved up on his land after this.

The Aabys lived at Roseglen for about seven years. Mr. Aaby was a cashier at the Roseglen Bank for awhile, later working in Ryder, then moving to Minot in 1929, where he was a realtor.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaby became the parents of three sons: Alton, Waldo, and Donn. Mrs. Aaby passed away unexpectedly in January of 1961 after suffering a stroke. Mr. Aaby was living at the Lutheran Home for the Aged in Minot, North Dakota in 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published.