Amund Bosman

Mr. and Mrs. Amund Bosman
by Mr. Amund Bosman (1967)

I was born in Lom, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway, on October 3, 1891. In 1910, I emigrated to the United States. After a three-week journey, I landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then traveled overland to Rolette County in North Dakota, where I landed in February of 1910.

The following summer, I worked on a farm six miles south of Rolette. One particular incident that  happened to me on t his farm, I will never forget. The boss sent me out with five horses and a gang plow, told me where to start, but didn't mention where to stop. The land looked all alike to me, so I kept the horses going. I had plowed across someone else's land. The big Irishman came up to me on horseback, and he really poured it out! He turned my horses around and, although I didn't understand a darn word he said, I remember his last words: "D-- Greenhorn!"

In the fall, I went to Minnesota to look up some relatives. I stayed there until the spring of 1911. I heard there were some distant relatives in Roseglen, by the name of Kolden, so I pulled out and came to Peter Kolden's, where I worked for six summers. During the winter months, I worked in lumber camps and saw mills in northern Minnesota.

In the spring of 1918, I enlisted in the Army at Washburn. I served in Machine Gun Company 78th Infantry, and was later transferred to Company M 78th Infantry 14 Division. After being discharged in the spring of 1919, I came back to Roseglen, where I started to work for Hans Lunden.

In July of 1921, Aagot Otteson, daughter of Ole and Janette Otteson of Ryder, and I were married. Aagot was born in Markabygd, near Throndhjem, Norway, and came to this country in 1919 with her mother, two sisters, and a brother. Her father had settled in this country in 1910. He was unable to bring his family earlier because of World War I.

Since 1921, we farmed in Roseglen Township, until I retired in 1961. We continue to make our home at Roseglen.

We have a son, Garfield, in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He is married to Donna Huus of Parshall, and they are the parents of four boys: Alan, Gerald, David and Darren.

We had two daughters, Josephine and Thelma, who are both deceased.