Andrew Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson was born in Norway, and came to Roseglen to homestead in 1905. Leah Johnson was born in Quebec, Canada, and came to the Garrison area of North Dakota in 1912. Andrew and Leah were married in 1916.

Leah's daughter by another marriage, Gertrude Whittaker, was born in Washington, D.C., and was alread a young lady when she came to North Dakota with her mother. She lived with Andrew and Leah while attending school and teaching, until she was married to Clifford Hill in 1924.

The Johnsons were active in the affaris of the Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church and the township. Mr. Johnson, Ed Waltenburg, Carl Fredrickson, Bernt Fines, and James Shea had owned and operated a threshing rig every year. In 1917, Andrew sold his interest in the rig to the other members of the company. They continued to live on the farm until the winter of 1951, when they moved to Minot and lived with Gertrude and Clifford Hill.

Leah passed away in 1959, Andrew in 1965. Royce Hill purchased the farm prior to the death of the Johnsons.