Andrew Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson came to Roseglen Township in 1902, taking a homestead one mile south of the old Roseglen store. He came to Roseglen from Herman, Minnesota, but his wife and four children didn't come until 1905. Three of their children, Ronald, Ethel, and Elmer Anderson, were Mrs. Nelson's from a previous marriage. Clara, their other child, came with her mother to Roseglen. Three more sons were born while the Nelsons lived in Roseglen; they were Carl, Ernest, and Earl.

Ronald lived in St. Paul with his wife, Ellen, for many years. They had one daughter. Ethel married John Johnson, who had come to Roseglen from Scottsburg, Indiana to work for Jim Shea in 1915. They were married in 1916, and returned to John's home in Indiana. Elmer married Anna Gilbertson, or Ryder, and was manager of the Roseglen Mercantile Company for some time before moving to Ryder.

Clara became Mrs. Julius Mattson, and lived in Roseglen all of her life, first on a farm southwest of Roseglen, after her marriage, then moving into the village. Their son, Robert, married Rose Ann Pierson of Makoti, and later moved to Devils Lake.

Carl married Irene Snippen, after which they farmed at Roseglen for awhile, then moved to Ryder, where they continued farming. Carl died of a heart attack while fighting a barber shop fire in Ryder, after which his family moved to Minot.

Ernest married Victoria Anderson of Killdeer, North Dakota, and they lived on a farm near old Roseglen. Ernest died in 1953, after which Victoria went into teaching, receiving her Master's Degree in Elementary Education and Reading from State Colleges at Greeley, Colorado and Billings, Montana. Their daughter, Lenore, married Marvin Rustad, and they lived on the former Nelson farm near Roseglen.

Earl farmed in Roseglen for awhile. He married Edna Kolden and, shortly after their marriage, they moved to Minot, where Earl was employed by Great Northern Railroad. He was later transferred to Havre, Montana, where he died at a fairly young age.