August Mattson

Mr. and Mrs. August P. Mattson

Sophie Rudh was born and raised in Ottertail County, Minnesota. She accompanied Mrs. Henry (Elsie) Snippen to Roseglen from near Devils Lake, North Dakota, where they has both been teaching school. They came to Roseglen to homestead in 1903, being early settlers in the Roseglen community.

Sophie returned to Minnesota in 1906 to marry her boyhood sweetheart, August P. Mattson. Together, they returned to Roseglen to farm her land. For three years, they lived in a 10x12-foot shack, then added another 12x12-foot room to it.

Several of the years they farmed, the crops were poor. Twice, a drought took their crops, and another year their flax was blown all over the neighborhood. Yet, they enjoyed their lives on the farm. There were good neighbors, as well as picnics and dinner parties.

The Mattsons moved to Ryder in 1914, where August worked for John Haugen at a grain elevator, renting the farm out while he was away. In 1916, they moved again, this time to Makoti, where August operated his own elevator. Then, in 1941, they went to Southern California to visit, and liked it so well that they decided to live in Santa Ana, where August worked as a carpenter, then in the shipyards during the war.

The Mattson's children were Muriel (Mrs. George Klimpel), Eleanor (Mrs. Rollie B. Walker), Ralph, and Willard. August Mattson died in 1949, and Sophie lived until 1961, passing away at the age of eighty-six.