August Sprenger

Mr. and Mrs. August Sprenger

Mrs. Sprenger was born in Russia in 1888. She emigrated to the United States in 1907, at the age of nineteen. August Sprenger was born in Wishek, North Dakota, and moved to Lincoln Valley with his parents in 1894, as a young boy.

The Sprengers were married in 1908, after which they lived with Mrs. Sprenger’s parents for eight years, then moving to a farm one mile north of Roseglen, North Dakota in 1916, where they began farming. At that time, Mrs. Sprenger had not yet learned to speak English. It took them three days to make the move by horse and wagon, and their four young children accompanied them.

Mr. and Mrs. Sprenger both took an active role in farming, including the plowing, which was done with horses at that time. At the time that she was relating her story for the Golden Jubilee book, published in 1967, Mrs. Sprenger remembers that there seemed to be no end of rocks to be removed from the fields. She also milked cows, and cared for the horses.

She says that she frequently begged her husband to move the family back to Lincoln Valley, but he always said they should stick it out for one more year. During that time, however, she slowly learned the language, and found true friends in Roseglen Township. So they continued to work their Roseglen farm, and raised twelve children there: Edward, Ida, August, Freda, Helen, Esther, Martha, Jack, Rose, Othelia, Henry, and Arthur.

In 1967, their youngest son, Arthur, was farming the home place, and his mother was living with him. Her husband, August, died in 1948.