Carl Hanchett

Carl J. Hanchett Family

The Carl J. Hanchett family moved to Roseglen in early fall of 1928. Both Carl and Maree had been born in Willow Lake, South Dakota. They moved, first to Ryder, and then to Roseglen, where Carl managed the store for Ole Oleness for three years. Reuben Barsness was the butcher at the store, and he stayed with the Hanchetts.

The first time Reuben sent him lutefisk for dinner, Maree began to cook it, then threw it out, thinking that it as spoiled.

Their three boys attended the Roseglen schools, while their sister, Vanona, was too young for school at the time they lived in Roseglen. After three years, they moved back to Ryder, but stopped in to visit friends while delving gas for the Farmers Union Oil Company.

Carl died in April of 1946, after which Maree and the family moved back to Willow Lake, South Dakota, where she was still living in 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published. She remarried in September of 1950, becoming Mrs. Ben Overbeck.

They children were James, Donald, Harold, Vanona, and Donna.