Carl R. Hanson

Carl and Josephine Hanson

Carl R. Hanson was born in Cyrus, Minnesota in 1899. His parents were Hans and Marie Hanson, and his father worked in Cyrus as a section foreman for the railroad.

Carl moved to Baldwin, North Dakota, with his parents in 1909, were Carl's older brother, Hans Jr., was employed as section foreman, with his father working under him. As a child, Carl made a trip to Norway with his parents

After the death of his father, Carl came to Roseglen with his mother, where Carl was left with the Peter Koldens while his mother took work in Ryder with Mrs. Fredeen, who operated the Fredeen Hotel with her husband. Carl's mother remained there for quite awhile, and Carl stayed later with the Lars Koldens, the Peter Koldens, and other friends in Roseglen.

Carl's brother, Hans, married Emma Nordstrum of Baldwin, and they lived in Bismarck throughout their lives, raising several children there.

Carl continued to make his home with the Peter Kolden family, where he worked from 1915 on. He and Josephine Kolden were married in 1925. She had been born in the Kolden's homestead shack in 1904.

Four children were born to Carl and Josephine: Walter, Vernon, Marvin and Carol. In 1945, Marvin died at the age of ten after a brief illness.

Walter was serving in the U.S. Army at the time. After his discharge, he was married to Maxine Sorenson, and they lived on the former home of her parents, the William Sorensons, for some time. They had three children together: Jacolyn, Penny and Chad. In 1961, they moved to Springfield, Oregon.

Vernon married Mabel Samuelson of Lignite, North Dakota, and they moved onto the home place. Their three children were Bruce, Randy and Laurie.

Carol married Robert Tellefson of Makoti, and moved onto a farm there. Their children were Scott, Julie and Carla.

In 1962, Carl and Josephine moved to Makoti, where they lived for four years before moving to Parshall. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary while in Makoti.