Charley Wheldon

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wheldon

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wheldon both grew up in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. They were married on September 7, 1909, and remained in Minneapolis until 1917, when they took a homestead in the Roseglen, North Dakota area.

They remained in Roseglen until 1942 when, due to Mrs. Wheldon’s poor health, they moved to Garrison, where Mr. Wheldon served as an A.S.C. Committeeman from 1942 to 1945. In the fall of 1944, Mr. Wheldon was elected McLean County Sheriff and, on January 1, 1945, they moved to Washburn, North Dakota, where he served as Sheriff for twelve years.

They retired and made their home in Washburn until their deaths. Mrs. Washburn passed away on April 30, 1963 and Mr. Wheldon died two and a half months later, on July 16, 1963.

They had two children, Robert and Betty.