Clifford Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hill

Born in 1904, Clifford Hill, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, Sr., was the first white child born in the Roseglen, North Dakota area. He attended, and graduated from the Fines school. He farmed and, in 1924, he married Gertrude Whittaker, who was a teacher in the district.

Their son, Clifford, Jr., was born while they lived on the Frost farm. Later, they moved to the former Ingvald Johnson farm, where their daughter, Lavona, was born. Clifford and Gertrude were active in church, school and club affairs, including the Boys 4-H Club, for which Clifford was the Leader and Gertrude the Assistant Leader, when the organization was first organized.

In 1939, the Hills moved to Ryder, where Clifford worked at the Farmers Union Oil Company, and where Clifford, Jr. graduated from high school. Clifford became manager of the Farmers Union Oil Company at Carrington, where the family lived for eight years. He was active in the Kiwanis, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Men's Club of the Lutheran Church.

Lavona graduated from high school and Clifford, Jr. served in the United States Navy, after which he married the former Violet Remford, and graduated from the University of North Dakota.

In 1951, Clifford and Gertrude Hill moved to Minot, where Clifford became the manager of the Grand Hotel, later selling insurance. He passed away in 1961, and was buried in the Roseglen cemetery.

In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, Lavona was a graduate nurse, and still practicing. She was married to James Brennan, and they resided at St. Paul, Minnesota. Clifford, Jr., Violet, and the children were living in St. Paul also, where Clifford, Jr. was working as an electrical engineer.

In 1967, Gertrude has retired from the A.S.C. office and was living in Minot.