Ernest Giffey Sr.

Ernest A. Giffey, Sr.

Ernest A. Giffey, Sr. was born at McCustland, Iowa. In 1902, he came to North Dakota, at the age of nine, with his parents. The family lived in Washburn until the spring of 1903, when they moved to Garrison in two wagons, with four horses, four cows, and six children. His brother, Fritz, was two months old, and layer on a bed made of straw.

Six acres were planted on the homestead, four miles west of Garrison, into flax and, in the fall, after it was cut, it blew away.

They built their own house. His father bought sixty-two cows, and twenty-five of them froze to death the following winter.

A school was built 2 ½ miles from their home, so the children walked that distance to and from school. Ernest lived with his parents until he entered the Armed Forces in 1917, to serve as a mechanic.

In 1919, he married Marvel Larson of Hammon, Wisconsin, and moved to the reservation and Roseglen area in 1923. Marvel passed away in 1947. They had two sons together, Donald and Ernest, Jr., both of whom were farming in the Roseglen area in 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published.

In 1949, Ernest married Signe Deardurff, of Raub, and retired from farming in 1957. He spent his retirement gardening, fishing, and bowling.