Floyd Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Hill

Floyd Hill, living on the homestead of his brother, John Hill, Jr., was the thirteenth and youngest child of John and Johanna Hill.

One incident Floyd recalled for the Golden Jubilee book, which was published in 1967, was the time that he was bounced out of a buggy when he was about seven years old, with a runaway team. He had gone with his dad to the Snippen store and post office to get the groceries and mail. It was always the custom of John Hill to bring the mail for his neighbors, such as the Sheas, Kerzmans, Jacobsons, and others. So this day, on their return trip, they stopped at the John Kerzman home with the mail and, as Mr. Hill got out of the buggy to hand them the mail, the high-spirited horses took off. Through the yard they went, down the ditch, up on the road again, across country until they reached home. In the meantime, as the buggy hit the ditch by the Kerzman's, Floyd was thrown out, tumbling this way and that. During the spectacular trip, the groceries and mail were being distributed helter skelter along the way, and it took some time before everything was found and picked up, with John and his young son, Floyd, doing the foot work. Floyd remembered that he chipped a tooth in the accident.

John Hill and Peter Kolden were owners of seven-passenger Studebakers with the jump-seats. Hill's young son, Clifford, would often accompany him on a drive to town, and helped shift gears while his father drove. One time while they were in Rider, Clifford shifted into reverse with the intention of his father backing up about three feet. However, the wild ride continued some three hundred feet. Down the street they went in reverse, taking whatever was in the way with them. Luckily, no one was injured, but before the automobile was stopped near the store, they had clipped through the Granum yard and taken quite a little of the picket fence along.

In 1928, Floyd was married to Julia Snippen, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Snippen, were also original pioneers in the Roseglen community.

In 1947, Floyd and Julia purchased a home in Minot, and moved there that fall with their three children, where they lived during the school term. Each spring, they would return to the farm to take care of the farming operations during the summer months. They lived in Minot for twelve years, returning to the farm in 1959.

Floyd and Julia Hill had three children.

Gail was married to Jim Brisson, who was principal of Central High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Their children were Douglas, Diane, and Julie.

Donna married Donald Haugen of Ryder, and they lived on the farm of his parents north of Ryder, which they farmed. Don was also a mathematics teacher at the Makoti High School. Their children were Debra, Jeff, Bradley, and Janelle.

Eldon was married to the former Doris Schmeichel of Minot, a UND-Grand Forks graduate, who was employed as a mechanical engineer with the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. In 1965, they moved to Sovona, Italy, where he was employed at a 3-M plant. Their children were Danny and Denise.