Hans Lunden

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Lunden

When he was seven years old, Hans J. Lunden came to the United States with his family, settling first in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Hans had been born in Norway in 1880. In 1891, after about four years in Wisconsin, the family moved to Cyrus, Minnesota. In 1906, they came to the Roseglen Tonwship, in McLean County, North Dakota, where they took a homestead claim.

Julia Gilbertson was born in Rothsay, Minnesota in 1887. In 1904, she came with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilbertson, to Roseglen.

In 1909, Hans Lunden and Julia Gilbertson were married. Peter Lunden, the oldest brother in the Lunden family, had also come to Roseglen and purchased land. A bachelor, he made his home with Hans and Julia.

Hans was active in community affairs, and was a member of Roseglen's first baseball team. As Julia suffered from arthritis from an early age and, in her later years, was an invalid, there was always a lot of hired help on the Lunden farm.

Deciding to quit farming, Hans rented his farm to Julia's sister and brother-in-law, Elmer and Anna Anderson, in 1927. Later, the farm was rented to Julius Kolden and, still later, it was sold to a nephew, Adolph Kolden.

The family moved to Ryder, where Hans was engaged in an implement business with Edgar Lomen and John Hones, known as LJL Implement. Their partnership continued for several years before being dissolved. Later, Hans was employed by the White Eagle Oil Company as bulk dealer, where he served until his death in 1936.

Following the death of her husband, Mrs. Lunden continued to reside in Ryder for a time, then she and her daughters moved to Minot, North Dakota. After this, she moved to Bismarck to make her home with a daughter, Gladys, also spending time with another daughter, Mildred, and her family, who had moved from Bismarck to St. Paul, Minnesota. Mrs. Lunden passed away in 1955.

Hans and Julia Lunden had three children. Clarence, the oldest, died in infancy.  Mildred taught school for several years, then married Edward Vasicheck.  They moved to Great Falls, Montana, where she taught at the School for the Blind. Gladys married Allan Van Vleet, after which they lived in Bismarck.