Herman Rustad

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rustad

Herman Rustad came to Roseglen, North Dakota from McIntosh, Minnesota in 1915, where he worked for Ben Slind, and filed for a homestead in Deepwater Township when the coal reserve was opened for settlement in 1916.

In 1919, he was married to Florence Evju of Brandon, Minnesota, who had come to Roseglen in 1918, where she had worked for John Hill Sr. for a year.

After living on their homestead in Deepwater Township for several years, he and his wife moved into Roseglen for a time, then purchased a farm in Roseglen Township. He planted thousands of trees, and built a beautiful home there.

Herman and a neighbor, George Giddings, operated a well digging machine together, drilling several wells in the community. He also substituted for Julius Mattson as a rural mail carrier.

Mrs. Rustad passed away in 1960 and, soon afterward, he sold the farm to as on, Shirley, and moved to Merrifield, Minnesota. Herman died of a long illness on March 28, 1967.

Mr. and Mrs. Rustad had seven children: Aldor, Harold, Agnes, Elaine, Marvin, Shirley, and Robert.