Ingri Snippen

Mrs. Ingri Snippen

Commonly known as Grandma Snippen, Mrs. Ingri Snippen came to Roseglen often from Minnesota to visit her sons and their families, later making her home with  them, living in the Roseglen, North Dakota area for about forty years. Her husband had passed away several years before, in Cyrus, Minnesota, where the family had resided.

The house that John Lunden had lived in during his first years was moved to the John Snippen farm, where Grandma Snippen lived until it was moved to Ryder.

Mrs. Snippen was the mother of five sons: Henry, John, Leo, Sam, and Martin. Their one daughter, Ida (Mrs. Adolph Johnson) died in Minnesota in 1937.

Mrs. Snippen passed away on October 9, 1941 at Minot, and was buried in the Roseglen Lutheran cemetery.

They son, Sam, owned an implement shop in Ryder for several years, and also a theater, before retiring and moving to Albany, Oregon with his wife, Flora.