Iver Vangsness

Mr. and Mrs. Iver Vangsness

Iver Vangsness came to North Dakota from Goodhue County, Minnesota in October of 1916. First, he homesteaded in Deepwater Township, across from the Burton Young farm.

He was married to Valborg Anderson, of Elbow Lake, Minnesota, in 1920. They became the parents of one son, Karl D. Vangsness, in 1923.

In the fall of 1927, the family moved to Roseglen Township, where they built a new home in the 1940s.

Mrs. Vangsness passed away in 1957 and, at the time that the Golden Jubilee book was published, Iver was still living on his farm just south of Roseglen, with his son, who had married Doris Wilmeth.