James Drever

Mr. and Mrs. James Drever

James Drever was born in 1897 at Gladbrook, Iowa. While he was still a young child, his parents moved the family to a farm near Tracy, Minnesota, where Jim attended a rural school and helped with the operations of the farm.

After completing school, he worked, for a time, for an older brother, who was a tile ditching contractor. In 1918, he was inducted into the Armed Forces during World War I. After his discharge from the army, he went to Chicago, Illinois, where he completed a course at the Coyne Electric School.

James Drever came to the Roseglen, North Dakota community in the summer of 1928, where he worked for different farmers in the vicinity until 1929, when he entered a partnership with Oscar M. Anderson in the Roseglen Garage in North Roseglen. Shortly afterwards, he built a new establishment in South Roseglen.

In 1931, James married Valborg Kolden, after which they made their home with the Ralph Youngs until the fall of 1933, when they bought a little house and had it moved to South Roseglen. Shortly afterwards, Jim and Oscar dissolved their partnership in the garage and Jim built a blacksmith shop close to their home. In 1957, they built a new home.

Jim worked at his trade in blacksmithing, welding and general repair until his death in March of 1964. He was a member of the Gladwyn L. Roberts American Legion Post.

Valborg was a bulk truck driver for the Beaver Oil Company from 1945 to 1953, after which she became a bulk agent for Phillips Petroleum Company, a position she still held in 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published.

One child was born to them, Sydney D. Drever, who, after completing high school, enlisted in the United States Air Force. In 1967, he was a T/Sgt. serving in the Philippines.