John Kavorick

Mr. and Mrs. John Kavorick

John and Mrs. Kavorick came to Roseglen Township, McLean County, North Dakota in 1916, bringing with them their farm machinery and household goods. Prior to moving to Roseglen, they had lived in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. In Roseglen Township, they settled on a quarter section three miles south of Roseglen.

They began breaking sod immediately so that they would have some crop. When a new school was built for the Reservation children, John donated the land for it in the southeast corner of his land. The school opened in 1918 and the first teacher, Esther Sorenson, lived a few miles from the school building.

In May of 1923, they traded their land for a tract in Emmet, and moved. They remained in Emmet for many  years, moving to Minot not long before the Golden Jubilee book was published in 1967.

Mr. and Mrs. Kavorick had eight children: Lucille (Mrs. Homer Spach), Tessie (Mrs. Ed Lagge), Mary (Mrs. Clem Hanson), John, Curtis, Pete, Kathryn (Mrs. Clara Hintz), and Kywin.