John Pederson

Mr. and Mrs. John Pederson

A native of Norway, where he was born in 1881, John Pederson came to the United States with his widowed mother and two younger brothers, Andrew and Nels, when he was eleven. During the two-week journey by ocean liner, the ship's power failed during a storm, and the passengers were locked below decks for two days.

Arriving in America, they settled first in Clitherall, Minnesota, where they lived for several years. John went to Hampden, North Dakota to work for an uncle, Ludvig Anderson, then came to Roseglen to file on a homestead in 1902, when he was twenty-one. He was a bachelor until 1913, when he married Mabel Gilbertson, the daughter of Thomas Gilbertson, who lived a mile north of his homestead.

The first home that John built was destroyed by fire, along with everything they owned, in 1916. Mabel and their two sons, Earl and Lloyd, stayed with her sister and brother-in-law, Julia and Hans Lunden while John built a temporary shack, where they lived until fall, when a new hosue was built by John's cousins, Andrew and Haaken Anderson. Andrew had filed on a  homestead in Roseglen in 1904, and Haaken came from Norway in 1916.

John Pederson was one of the first farmers in the area to own an Aultman-Taylor tractor.

In 1950, after being in America for forty-eight years, John returned to Norway by plane for a two-month visit. By then, he had no immediate relatives there, but he did visit several cousins and some boyhood friends.

In 1953, John passed away, and Mabel moved to Minot, where she had a new home built in 1954. She spent some time traveling, and even flew to Hawaii once, returning by ship. She passed away in Minot in 1965.

Mr. and Mrs. Pederson's children were Earl, Lloyd, and Bernice. Earl remained on the home place, marrying Evelyn Lunden, who gave birth to six sons. Lloyd married Bergatta Olson, and farmed the Spurgeon place. They had two daughters. Bernice was married to Virgin Snyder, and moved to Santa Rosa, California. They had three children.