John Pollert

The John Pollert Family

John Pollert, a widower, came to Roseglen on May 5, 1913, with his daughter and four sons. They came first to Ryder, where they were met by Henry Snippen, who had brought his team and wagon. At that time, there were no roads from Ryder to Roseglen, so they traveled on trails through fields, arriving in Roseglen at about eleven o'clock in the evening. Mrs. Snippen had a meal ready for them.

Their first home in Roseglen was farm known as the Allison place, northeast of John Snippen's farm. The Allison place already had a small barn and house, with two rooms and an entry. Twenty-five acres had been broken, which they put into oats so that they would have feed for their horses and cow. They had to carry water from the Bert Johnson place, east of them.

The house proved not to provide much shelter against the wind so, with winter coming, John Pollert rented the A.P. Mattson farm.

They remained in the Roseglen area until 1915, when John Pollert drew a number on land and got a homestead south of Parshall.