Joseph Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Woods

Joseph Woods was born on April 21, 1884 in Michigan. In 1900, when he was sixteen years of age, he came to North Dakota where he was employed on a ranch, herding cattle along the Missouri River at White Earth and Charlson, until 1905. Joseph and his brother, George, built a sawmill which they operated for about three years.

The Joseph went to Bottineau to work in the wheat fields, and it was there that he met the former Emma Warneke, who he married in 1911. They moved to Williston and built a ferry, crossing the Missouri River. After a time, they sold the ferry and went into the pool hall business in Sanish.

After leaving Sanish, the family moved to Ryder, where they had a pool hall and bowling alley. In 1921, he sold out and moved to Roseglen, buying property and building a pool hall business, which he operated until the crop failures in the late 1920s, when patronage went off.

In 1926, the Woods family moved to Michigan to work in the Oakland Motor Car plant, which later became Pontiac Motors.

Seven of their children were born in North Dakota: Ernest, Alice, Frank, Minnie, Olive, Albert, and Amie, while Leo and Irene were born after they had moved to Michigan. Ernest, Alice, Frank and Minnie attended school in Roseglen.

Joseph Woods passed away on August 11, 1956, at the age of seventy-two.