Leo Snippen

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Snippen

Leo Snippen was born in Cyrus, Minnesota in 1886, living with his parents on the farm they homestead until he completed high school. For two years, he worked for Henry Nystuen at a jewelry store in Hancock, Minnesota. He then returned to the home farm, taking it over, as a bachelor for two years.

Bertina Oien was born in 1881 in Waseca County, Minnesota, where she lived while attending school. When she was fifteen, she became a dressmaker. When she was nineteen, she worked as a dressmaker in Fargo, and later in Minneapolis, and then to Hancock, Minnesota, where she lived with a cousin until her marriage to Leo Snippen.

Leo and Bertina lived on his home farm for twelve years, where all of their children were born in the same house that their father had been born in. Then they bought a nearby farm, but lived in it for only a year before selling out.

In 1919, the Snippens emigrated to Roseglen, North Dakota, where they bought the Joe Kavanaugh farm.

At the time that the Golden Jubilee book was published in 1967, they were looking forward to their 60th wedding anniversary, and both were still living in their farm in Roseglen.

The children of Leo and Bertina Snippen were: Marjorie, Harvey, Thelma, and Leona.