Marie Rud

Mrs. Marie Rud

Marie Rud was born in Norway in 1873, emigrating to the United States in 1900. She met and married Otto Rud, who had also come from Norway, in Mayville, North Dakota, where they were married.

Mr. Rud was a tailor, having apprenticed in Norway at a very young age. The Ruds moved to Minot, where three daughters were born: Ragna, Anna, and Esther. A son, Rudy, was born in Berthold, where the family had moved.

They filed on a homestead about eight miles from Makoti in 1912, spending the summers only there for the first few years, then moving there, where they remained until 1923, when Mr. Rud passed away.

Following the death of her husband, around 1924 or 1925, Mrs. Rud moved to Roseglen. Mrs. Rud and her young son, Rudy, spent a year or more with the Hans Lunden family, then she kept house at Roseglen for the Olness boys, while they were helping to run the general store there, as it was owned by their father, who lived in Ryder.

Their daughter, Esther, remembers that Irene Snippen boarded with them while she was teaching at the Roseglen school, and that Mildred and Gladys Lunden lived with them during the colder winter days, while they were attending grade school. She and her mother cooked for the Hans Lunden/Peter Kolden threshing rig a couple of seasons.

Later, Mrs. Rud moved to Ryder for a year, then moved back to Makoti, where she bought a small home and boarded teachers. Her children attended school in Makoti, except for Anna, who attended teacher’s college after high school.

Still later, Mrs. Rud lived with her daughters for several years. At the time that the Golden Jubilee book was published, in 1967, she was still alive, at the age of ninety-three.