Olaus Rodahl

Mr. and Mrs. Olaus Rodahl

Mr. and Mrs. Rodahl were married in September of 1905, while in Benson, Minnesota. They came to McLean County, North Dakota that same year, taking a homestead northwest of Garrison.

They remained there until 1912, when they moved to a farm eight about miles southeast of Roseglen, a farm that was later owned by Lawrence Halvorson. In 1926, they moved again, this time to the former John Grimm homestead, about fifteen miles northwest of Garrison, where they lived until they retired.

After retirement, they moved to Verone, North Dakota for a few years, then moved back to Garrison, where they lived until their deaths. Mrs. Rodahl passed away in February, 1956, and her husband died in December of 1959.

Together, they had nine children: Harold, Elvira, Berdina, Oscar, Raymond, Maurice, Ruth, Roy, and Lila.