Ole Bergan

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Bergan

Ole Bergan was born in Clayton County, Iowa in 1875. Albertina Pederson, who was born in 1877, was married to Mr. Bergan at St. Oluf, Iowa in 1903. In 1904, they homesteaded at Sawyer, North Dakota, in Ward County.

The Bergans farmed at Sawyer until October of 1926, when they moved to a farm two miles south of Roseglen. They continued farming here until Ole passed away in 1940. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Bergan lived in a smaller house that had been built for her on the home place, where her son, Joe, and his family lived, until her death in 1957.

The Bergan's children were Henry, Bertha, Olava, Roy, and Joseph.

Joseph married Olinda Wahl, and they farmed at Roseglen until 1966, when they moved to Minot. They had four children: Philman, Phyllis, Diane, and Richard.