Ole Rostad

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Rostad

Ole Rostad was born in Vaage, Norway in 1866. He emigrated to the United States in 1889, when he was twenty-two years old. Synne Kvale was born in Lom, Norway in 1869. They were married in 1894.

Following their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Rostad farmed near Starbuck, Minnesota for thirteen years, before taking a homestead near Roseglen, North Dakota in 1902.

Mr. Rostad left his wife in Minnesota while he traveled to Roseglen to file on the homestead, and his family joined him the following year. However, shortly after arriving in Roseglen, Mrs. Rostad and two of their children became ill with typhoid fever, and Mrs. Rostad passed away a few weeks later.

The children recovered, but all six of the Rostad children were left motherless. With the help of their Aunt Karl Kvale, and other neighbors, the family managed.

Ole Rostad lived to be ninety-two, passing away in 1959. His home became a stopping point for other homesteaders who were traveling in that part of the township looking for land, as his was the first in the neighborhood.

Their children were Jennie, Edna, Mabel, Theodore, Anton, and Omar.