Omar Rostad

Mr. and Mrs. Omar Rostad

Omar was the son of Ole Rostad. He farmed the home place with his dad, taking it over in the 1930s, when a drought hit that was so bad that farmers weren’t even able to get the seed back from the wheat they had planted in the spring. They were forced to feed Russian thistles to their cattle in order to keep them alive.

In December of 1924, Omar married Anna Hansen, of Ryder, North Dakota. They lived on the Rostad homestead until 1963, when they bought a home in Garrison. They had two sons, Lyle and Vernon.

In the early years in Roseglen, prairie fires were common. Omar recalls that his father had a plowed field near the home, where he would have his children remain until the fire passed by.

Omar and Anna were members of the Roseglen Immanuel Lutheran Church, and were caretakers of the church and cemeteries for several years. Omar held various positions in both church and township organizations and committees.