Otto Mikkelson

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Mikkelson

Otto Mikkelson was born in Horsens, Denmark in 1882. He moved to Wadena, Minnesota with his parents as an infant.

In 1910, Otto married Myrtle Cranston at Wadena and, in 1918, they moved to his brother, Mike's, homestead in McLean County, six miles south of Roseglen, North Dakota. They lived there until 1939, when they moved to a farm at Coleharbor.

Mrs. Mikkelson passed away in 1960. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, Mr. Mikkelson was living with his daughter, Mrs. Grant Shaw, in Makoti.

The Mikkelsons had nine children: Marion (Mrs. Carl Larson), Alice (Mrs. Jake Petz), Russel, Irene (Mrs. Grant Shaw), Lawrence, Irene (Mrs. Alfren Janz), Dorothy, Delores, and Leona.