Peter Kolden

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kolden

Peter J. Kolden, a pioneer settler of the Roseglen community of McLean County, North Dakota, was born in Lom, Norway in 1869. He came to the United States in 1888, first to Wisconsin, then later to Cyrus, Minnesota.

Mrs. Kolden's maiden name was Mary Lunden, and she was also born in Lom, Norway. She came to Wisconsin with her parents in 1887, and also later moved to Cyrus, Minnesota.

Peter and Mary were married in  December of 1897. They moved to Roseglen, North Dakota in 1903, taking a homestead claim, and living in Roseglen for the rest of their lives. They were charter members of Immanuel Lutheran Church of Roseglen, which was organized in their home in 1904.

Mrs. Kolden's brother, Sever Lunden, came to Roseglen in 1905 from Hancock, Minnesota, where he had been worked in a jewelry store with his cousin, Peter Nystuenn. Sever stayed with another sister, Emma (Mrs. John Snippen) while he hometeaded, later moving to the Kolden home, where he lived until his death in 1942.

One winter, afer a North Dakota blizzard, the snow was piled up high. The door of their shack opened inward, and when they opened the door, they were unable to get outside because of he huge snowbank piled up against the shack. In order to get out, they had to shovel the snow into the house in order to create an opening so Peter could crawl outside and shovel he rest of the snow away from the doorway. In 1967, when the Golden Jubilee book was published, their old homestead shack was still on the farm. 

Mary Kolden passed away in 1940, and Peter Kolden died in 1952. Their oldest child was Lillie (Mrs. Ole A. Aamoth), who taught school at the School for the Blind in Great Falls, Montana for twenty-five years, and eight years in North Dakota. Her husband retired after twenty-six years of teaching. Ole and Lillie were the first couple married in Immanuel Lutheran Church in Roseglen. They were married in 1931.