Sigvart Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Sigvart Anderson

Gilbert Anderson had come to Minnesota to homestead in Deepwater Township in 1917. His homestead was south of the Carl Olson farm. He was a bachelor, and he passed away in 1926.

Having been in the Roseglen community on the occasion of Gilbert's death, and being fond of the country, two of his brothers came to the Roseglen area in 1928.

Sigvart Anderson and his wife, Alice, lived just across the road from Ernest Giffey, Sr. while he farmed there. They left the community in the fall of 1936, as Sigvart had the opportunity of taking over the home farm at Elbow Lake, Minnesota. A daughter, Avis, was born before the Andersons came to North Dakota, and a son, Lloyd, was born at Roseglen. Lloyd was married, and was farming with his father in 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published. They had made a duplex out of the old farm home, and Lloyd and his family were occupying the upper part. Avis was married to Alvin Vigen of Castor, Alberta, Canada. They had two children, a boy and a girl.

The other Anderson brother, Lawrence, farmed northwest of Roseglen for only a short time, then farmed near Ryder until 1940, when he moved to Minot. He passed away in 1962, leaving a wife and six children. Mrs. Iver Vangsness was a sister of the Anderson boys.