Torger Kolden

Mr. and Mrs. Torger Kolden

Torger J. Kolden was born on March 12, 1885 in Lom, Norway. He was fourteen years old when he came to the United States with his parents in 1899. Their journey to America included twelve days on a ship named the Majestic, which was part of the White Star Line. Most of the passengers became very seasick during this voyage.

 After arriving in the United States, they settled in Cyrus, Minnesota, where they lived until 1904. At that time, they moved to Roseglen Township in McLean County, North Dakota, where they homesteaded.

In 1912, Torger married Ragna Synsness, who had also come from Norway. Ragna had come in 1907, accompanied by her sister, Ana, who married Torger's brother, Lars Kolden. Mrs. Eliv Kvale, who later became Mrs. Lloyd Austad, was on the same voyage, along with her son, Erling, and sisters, Emma and Sena Peterson, who later married Bernt Fines and Ole Daleness, respectively.

Torger Kolden passed away on May 17, 1952, and Mrs. Kolden died on May 4, 1955.