William Hill

Mr. and Mrs. William Hill

William (Bill) Hill came to North Dakota and settled in the Roseglen community of McLean County with his parents, while he was a young child.

Bill was one of five Hill brothers who married a school teacher. He and Lottie Moxness, who came to Roseglen from Bergen, North Dakota, to teach school, were married on August 14, 1927. The first winter following their marriage, they lived in Texas, returning to Roseglen in the spring to begin farming.

They continued farming in Roseglen until 1937, when they moved to Bergen, and later to Voltaire. After leaving Voltaire, Bill and Lottie moved to Velva, where he was a barber. After her family was grown, Lottie returned to teaching.

Their four children were all born in Roseglen. They were Alzada, the oldest, Ardell, Donnell, and Vance.