Busy Fingers Homemakers


Busy Fingers Homemakers Club
by Mrs. Miriam Cumings (1967)

The Busy Fingers Homemakers Club of Roseglen was formed when a group of ten young mothers met one afternoon in 1955. Elaine Geizler Fischer was the Home Agent at the time, and did a great deal in bringing this group together and in helping them become established as an organization.

Of the ten original members, four were still members of the organization in 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published. These were Mrs. Don Giffey, Mrs. Ernest Giffey Jr., Mrs. Clifford Kolden, and Mrs. Joe Bergan. The other charter members included Mrs. Gordon Wilson, Mrs. Elmer Kolden, Mrs. Robert Rustad, Mrs. Albert Wabaunsee, Mrs. Maurice Snippen, and Mrs. Lloyd Kolden, but they had either dropped out or moved away by 1967.

Mrs. Ernest Giffey Jr. was the first President of the organization. Mrs. Gordon Wilson was Vice-President, and Mrs. Joe Bergan was Secretary-Treasurer.

In 1956, Mrs. Wesley J. Cumings, Mrs. Thomas Weinand, and Mrs. Lowell Nygard joined the club, bringing the membership up to thirteen. From 1956 to 1976, its membership fluctuated from year to year, as some new members were added and others dropped until, in 1967, the membership was fifteen.

The members, in 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published, were Mrs. Joe Bergan, Mrs. Robert Campbell, Mrs. Gary Gemar, Mrs. Ernest Giffey Jr., Mrs. Donald Giffey, Mrs. Clifford Kolden, Mrs. Lyle Holtan, Mrs. Irwin Nelson, Mrs. Lowell Nygard, Mrs. Shirley Rustad, Mrs. Jack Sitter, Mrs. Don Voigt, Mrs. Don Weigel, and Mrs. Thomas Weinand.

The club's meetings were originally held in the afternoons but, as families grew, the club changed to evening meetings. Some of its extra projects lessons have included basket weaving, pillow making, knitting, tin can crafts, floral arrangements, copper etching, first aid instruction, beauty tips, swimming lessons, and other instructions from people who were professionals in their fields.

One of its members was married to a State Representative, allowing its members to pay visits to the Governors Mansion, and to tour the Capitol while Congress was in session.

The club has also had members who have held County offices. The first was Mrs. Elmer Kolden, who was secretary for the County in 1956. Another was Mrs. Shirley Rustad, who was the County President from 1956 to 1961.

In 1967, its officers were: Mrs. Gary Gemar, President, Mrs. Jack Sitter, Vice-President, and Mrs. Shirley Rustad, Secretary-Treasurer.