Community Club

Roseglen Community Club
by Burton Youngs (1967)

The Roseglen Community Club began as a hall committee to take over the operation of the hall from the Modern Woodmen. The first meeting was held on November 14, 1951. The next year, it was changed to the Roseglen Community Club. During the following year, the hall was moved to its present location and, during the next years, it has been added to and modernized.

The object of the Community Club is, and has been, to serve the needs of the Roseglen community, and has been doing so since its beginning. During the years, a good share of the people in the community have served as its officers and on the various committees that are needed to keep such an organization going.

For many years, the Roseglen Community Club has had a Road Committee to represent the Roseglen community in the county and state, in order to obtain better roads for the community. During the development of Roseglen's present (1967) telephone system, the Community Club was active in securing the best possible service.

For many years, the Community Club has sent a representative to the Boy's State. They have taken an active part in the development of the Roseglen school system. For many years, they have bought a 4-H beef from the area's 4-H achievement day.

In about 1953, the Roseglen Community Club organized the March of Dimes Project, which, in 1957, was extended into the current Community Chest. This project has been one of the organization's main achievements throughout the years.

Another undertaking, starting at about the same time, was roller skating, a project that was still in operation in 1967. In the years before 1967, the Community Club began sponsoring fireworks displays each July 4th, as well as junior and midget baseball teams.

The community hall is the center of the club. Here is where most of its activities take place.

I'm sure anyone who has ever lived in this community will remember the whist parties, as well as all the other community enjoyments that have been part of our community.