Homemaker's Club

Roseglen Homemaker's Club

The Roseglen Homemaker's Club was organized on September 23, 1924 at the home of Edith Hill. Charter members of the organization included: President, Hilda Stoven, Vice President, Edith Hill, Secretary-Treasurer, Emma Aamoth, and Anna Anderson, Bella Skeiten, Clara Mattson, Berneice Ziegler, Hulda Olson, Esther Sorenson, and Magda Nelson.

The Homemaker's Club works under the Extension Service of the N.S.D.U. of Fargo. The N.S.D.U. sends a Home Economics representative three times a year to present lessons on the topics of foods, home management, and clothing to the organization's project leaders, two different members for each session, who, in turn, present the lessons to the club at six of its monthly meetings. Miscellaneous lessons on various topics of interest are presented at the remaining monthly meetings.

The organization has an annual summer picnic for its membership and families in July, and a banquet, smorgasbord, or supper in December.

Each year, each member donates money towards a special Thanksgiving or Christmas project, where the organization packs and distributes boxes of food, fruit and goodies for the needy or to the State School at Grafton. One year, the Homemaker's Club took food and went in small groups to visit senior citizens of the community and have coffee with them.

Through the years, the Homemaker's Club has donated to various charities, including the Red Cross, March of Dimes, Crippled Childrens School at Jamestown, Christmas Seals, Easter Seals, International Peace Gardens, and the International 4-H Youth Exchange. The organization has also sponsored a clinic for polio shots and immunizations at Roseglen, a glaucoma clinic at Garrison, and swimming lesson projects at Garrison.

In 1948, the Club sponsored a carnival for 4-H club work, and each of two clubs received one half of the proceeds.

On September 30, 1949, the Homemaker's Club celebrated the 25th Annivarsary of the organization by inviting the public to the Roseglen Hall for an evening meeting. Special invitations were extended to all former members and their families. Its two charter members were presented with lapel pins, and rose corsages were pinned on all of the former members, as well as Mrs. Tewksbury, the County Agent's wife, and Miss Sally Vanvig, Home Extension Agent. A skit, "The First Club Meeting", was presented by Club members, which proved to be entertaining.

In September of 1952, twenty-eight years after the organization of the club, Edith Hill was once again the hostess and, to celebrate the occasion, her two daughters-in-law, who are members, made and served a lovely cake decorated for the Club's 28th anniversary.

Alice Bloom baked and served a 40th Anniversary cake at its meeting in October of 1964.

The Homemaker's Club was proud to have Bergatta Pederson serve as County President in 1964-65 and 1965-66; Merlene Dahl as County Secretary in 1963-64 and 1964-65; and Alice Bloom as County Treasurer in 1961-62 and as Assistant County Treasurer in 1963-64.

Each member of the Homemaker's Club has a secret pal to remember on different occasions throughout the year, and there is a drawing for a hostess prize at every meeting.

Hospitalized members and new babies are acknowledged and remembered with gifts.

When the Homemaker's Club was first organized, there were no dues. Later, members paid ten cents each time for lunch. Still later, the dues were raised to $1.50, and, in 1967, they were $2.00 a year.

In 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published, its members were: Evelyn Pederson, President, Leanne Haugen, Vice President, Dorothy Hill, Secretary-Treasurer, Irene Austad, Alice Bloom, Lilly Cummings, Merlene Dahl, Anna Giddings, Signe Giffey, Anna Haugen, Beulah Hill, Edith Hill, Julia Hill, Lavonne Jensen, LeAnn Kerzman, Evelyn Kolden, Clara Mattson, Bergatta Pederson, Helen Rostad, Florence Youngs, and Joan Youngs.