Legion Auxiliary

American Legion Auxiliary

The Raub, Roseglen, and Ryder Unit of the American Legion Auxiliary was organized under the L.C. Jenson Post No. 99 in Raub on June 5, 1933. The State President, Mrs. H.P. Ide was present. The election of officers was as follows: Signe Deardurff, President, Clara Mattson, Vice President, Florence Youngs, Secretary-Treasurer, Hulda Olson, Chaplain, Angela Overmoen, Historian. Charter members were: Aagot Bosman, Margaret Johnson, Angela Overmoen, Signe Deardurff, Viola Hanson, Anna Rostad, Pearl Hay, Anna Rice, Clara Mattson, Bertha Cooley, Grace Randol, Marie Hanson, Hulda Olson, Pearl Hove, Sigrud Anderson, Florence Youngs, Dorothy Zimmerman, Mattie Willis, Anita Hanson, and Alma DeHaven.

Between the years of 1933 and 1954, the Unit put on home talent plays to make money. Its members distributed jelly, toys, clothing and Thanksgiving baskets to needy families. The organization secured relief for a number of families in 1936, and sponsored a Relief Sewing circle in Roseglen, where clothing was distributed through the Relief Agency. It secured layettes for members of the Legion, filled and donated Red Cross bags, and helped secure medical aid for members.

Legion and Auxiliary members had picnics at Elbowoods for a number of years. They sent Christmas cards to war mothers, sponsored carnivals and, in 1942, the Unit was presented with a gilded "V" for being the first Unit in the District No. 6 membership quota. Its members sent boxes of candy to all ex-servicemen's sons who were in the military service at Christmas time.

A Gold Star pin was presented to Mabel Roberts, and a Memorium was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Roberts, the parents of Gladwyn L. Roberts, who gave his life in service to his country.

The Unit's membership rose to sixty-eight in 1947. The Unit sold sixty-one buttons for the Theodore Roosevelt celebration, and the net proceeds from a formal dance sponsored by the Auxiliary was $440.79. In September, a Halloween and waffle supper was held in Roseglen, and the organization also packed a box of clothing for Korean Relief. The Unit contributed $50 to Roseglen Hall for kitchen cupboards.

Over the years from 1933 to 1954, the Unit sold from five hundred to a thousand poppies a year. On September 5, 1954, the Unit was disbanded and reorganized under the Gladwyn L. Roberts Post No. 296 of Roseglen and Raub.

The first officers of this new Unit were: Mabel Roberts, President, Evelyn Kolden, Vice President, Florence Youngs, Secretary-Treasurer, Sophie Haugen, Chaplain, and Clara Mattson, Historian. The Installing Officer was Mrs. Wayne Aamot of Makoti. Charter members were: Signe Giffey, Irene Youngs, Leah Johnson, Joan Youngs, Helen Youngs, Miriam Cumings, Josephine Hanson, Doris Vangsness, Maxine Hanson, Julia Lind, Vivian Forsman, Katherine Youngs, Hulda Olson, Lottie Wheldon, Myrtle Rankin, Pearl Hove, Darlene Cummings, Mabel Giddings, Florence Rustad, Blenda Kolden, Valberg Drever, Ellen Johnson, Myrtle Jorgenson, Mary Catherine Youngs, Margaret Johnson, Anna Rice, Ella Mae Kolden, Pearl Hay, Lilly Cumings, Glee Kolden, Ragna Kolden, Anna Palm, Fern Johnson, Thelma Halvorson, and Gloria Hendrickson.

Each year, the Unit sends a girl to Girls State. Girls that have gone, up to 1967, when the Roseglen Golden Jubilee book was published, have included the following: Sandra Kolden, Roxy Ann Vangsness, Laurene Carlson, Joyce Slocum, Sue Ellen Franklin, Linda Hovey, Linda Kolden, Anna Rose Ruhland, Jan Vangsness, and Maxine Hendrickson.

Through child welfare, the United has given gifts to Roland Sirtola, of Wing, for ten years. Every year, the Unit contributes gifts to he Christmas gift house at the Veterans Hospital in Minot, and a Christmas Party with the Legionnaires is an annual event.

In 1967, the Auxiliary offers were: Ellen Johnson, President, Mabel Roberts, Vice President, Evelyn Kolden, Secretary, Florence Youngs, Treasurer, Evelyn Kolden, Historian, and Pearl Hay, Chaplain.