Modern Woodmen

Modern Woodmen of America

In 1922, a Modern Woodmen membership drive was staged in Ryder, and spread into the Roseglen, North Dakota community the following year. The fraternal features of the Lodge, together with the insurance program, appealed to Roseglen men, and a large membership was signed up.

Russel Shea was the first Supreme Counsel of the Lodge, and Clarence Olson was Clerk. Later, Art Skeiten became Clerk, and remained in that position until the Lodge disbanded.

The first meetings of the Modern Woodmen in Roseglen were held in the Ready pool hall, but that proved to be inconvenient, so the Lodge decided to build their own hall for the purpose of holding its meetings and other community affairs. A building committee, consisting of Art Skeiten, Hilmer Hill, and Russel Shea, was appointed. Donations were solicited from businessmen of the neighboring towns, and a special deal for lumber was worked out with a Ryder yard. Harley Jones, of Ryder, was hired as head carpenter. All other labor and lumber hauling was donated and a 30x50-foot building was completed in a hurry.

The Lodge remained active until 1950. By then, so many members  had left the community, or dropped out, that it was impossible for the few remaining members to continue to support the maintenance of the hall.

The Roseglen members were transferred to Minot for insurance purposes, and an area wide community club was organized to take over the operation of the hall.

The hall was moved, and a water system, stoker heating plant, kitchen, rest rooms, and a large stage were added to it, and the length of the hall was extended by ten feet. The building continues to serve as a gathering place for the community, and as a monument to the old Modern Woodmen of America Lodge.