Roseglen PTA

The Roseglen Parents-Teachers Association was organized in 1925, as part of the work in the schools. The Roseglen P.T.A. also filled a needed social function during the depression years of the 1930s. Through the schools, the P.T.A. would offer an entertainment program one month, and a business meeting the following month. Lunch was served at each meeting, with the proceeds used to defray the expenses of the organization.

The Roseglen P.T.A. joined the State Organization, and its records show that Mrs. Lloyd Pederson was president in the last year of the organization, which was 1953. Following that, the organization affiliated with the White Shield School District, and a new charter was issued by the state in 1957. Donnell Haugen was elected president. As of 1967, the P.T.A. was still functioning as an active organization within the White Shield School.