Royal Neighbors

Royal Neighbors of America

In March of 1926, a group of local ladies met and organized the first Royal Neighbors of America Lodge of Roseglen. Its first officers were: Oracle, Hulda Olson, Vice Oracle, Stella Aaby, Chancellor, Emma Aamoth, Recorder, Gertrude Hill, and Receiver, Cecelia Youngs. There were many other offices besides these five. Some purchased the insurance, but many others came as social members, as it gave the ladies an opportunity to meet twice a month.

Much good work was accomplished through the Royal Neighbors of America in the Roseglen, North Dakota community. In those days, when there were few cars, people could come to the hall for social doings, and to enjoy many good suppers and entertainment.

The lodge flourished and had many good members come and go. Finally, in May of 1950, attendance had waned to the point where the membership decided to disband and join with other lodges. Most of the insured members joined the lodge in Minot.