Bowling Leagues


Grandpa Bowling League of Parshall

The Grandpa Bowling League of Parshall was organized in December of 1961 at the Gateway Lanes. In order to qualify for membership in the League, a person has to be sixty years old or older. The League meets every Wednesday afternoon, when all eight lanes are reserved for them.

Bowlers from the Roseglen League are Art Skeiten, Scotty Skeiten, Julius Mattson, Ernest Giffey Sr., and Julius Lunden. The Grandpa who has the highest score, and the top bowler for that day, has his name put on the bulletin board.

Grandma Bowling League

The Grandmas couldn't let the Grandpas get ahead of them, so they organized a League of their own in 1963. The Grandmas bowl each Monday. Their members are Edith Hill, Gladys Lunden, Clara Mattson, and Lilly Cumings, who bowled a 210 game in 1967. Mrs. Ernest Giffey, Sr. is their secretary.

Other Leagues

There are several other bowling teams, some of them sponsored by: Kolden Store, Jack's Bar, Northern Founders Insurance, Triple R&M, American Family Insurance, The Wes Taxidermist, Phillips 66, Kolden's Trucking, Ernie's Cabinet, and West McLean Insurance.

In the Coffee League, sponsored by Phillips 66, Valborg Drever bowled a 230 game one night, the highest bowled by a woman in league play.

Each year, bowling is culminated with a banquet for every team with the presentation awards for top bowlers, top teams, and any spectacular bowling that has been done during the season of bowling.